Hotel Grand Casamora works in partnership with DIZA’S WORLD, Accra’s top Massage company to provide high class exotic massage in the right ambiance of a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. The palour is spotlessly clean with a welcoming décor, dim lightening, candles and of course relaxed music in the background

Our masseuses are not only warm, friendly and sexy but are also highly trained in different massage options. Be it Classic Swedish massage for your muscle relaxation or Deep tissue massage, our highly motivated staff are always ready for you. For stressed and busy people who are tired of being tired, Full body massage is the best recommendation. You’ll only have to subject your back, legs and arms to the pressure of warm oil and her hands. And when it’s all over, you’ll surely keep coming for more.

Additionally, if your interest is Body Piercing, eg. Belly, Lip/Nose, Ear, tongue, Eye brow, etc, our professional piercers will help you pick, place and pierce your new body art in a clean, pleasant and very organized studio.
For the Tattoo enthusiast, whether its Tribal, Traditional, New School or Floral, our experienced staff are well-equiped to relax you and make you feel comfortable. They will then work with you to come up with the perfect tattoo.

Book your appointment in advance by calling us at 0276121212, or walk-in at your convenience.



  60mins 90mins
Traditional Swedish GHC 150 GHC 200
Duo Massage (with 2 Attendants)    
Deep Tissue Massage     
Piercing  Price ranges from USD15 toUSD150  
Piercing  Prices depend on choice of Tattoo